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Asian Studies Group - A Multidisciplinary Association focused on mediation projects in Eastern Asia

A multidisciplinary Association operating in the fields of education, mediation and consulting about Eastern Asia.

ASG directly operates in Italy from the office in Milan and in Bologna and from the desk in Rome. In Asia we are present thanks to an organized staff in Tokyo and Osaka (Japan) and Shanghai (People’s Republic of China). 


The Staff     

  • Managing Staff of Italian professionals, graduated in Eastern languages and linguistic and intercultural mediation in Eastern Asia.
  • Executive Partners, Chinese and Japanese mother tongue, living in Italy or in Asia, with different and preparatory academic education and Master’s degree in order to facilitate multidisciplinary support.
  • Travelling Support Staff: Italian, Chinese and Japanese Staff specialized in tourism assistance support, business travelling and study tours.
  • Consultation Staff: a group of technicians and experts in direct collaboration with our reality for the fulfilment of a qualified network for legal and business support.

Our Reality

 The Association

  • Chinese and Japanese Language classes at any level.
  • Promotion of the Association reality through social and cultural activities.
  • Management of classes and study tours abroad thanks to a qualified and bilingual staff and its in-place support.
  • Support in the modality of Visa achieving for both China and Japan.
  • Partnership with important Chinese and Japanese language schools located in Asia.
  • Language exchange and home stay programs.
  • E-learning and online tutor services for a personalized learning of Chinese and Japanese languages.


Beyond the association: Support to the creation of a New Network

The Group of Experts

·      Legal and Business Network through a staff of Italian consultants and experts directly operating from Asia. In Japan from Tokyo and Osaka; in China from Shanghai and Beijing.

·      About legal issues: company law, contractual rules and regulations, industrial property protection, due diligence and M&A according to Chinese and Japanese laws.

·      About business issues: investment plans and development programmes in order to enter the Asian market, market researches to break into a new market, technical and sectorial advice about market approach.

·      Synergy in communicating and promoting activities in Asia: support in the achieving of promotional strategies, activities and location management, contacts for fairs, events and occasions.

 Language Mediation Office

  • Translation and Interpreting of Eastern languages.
  • Linguistic and cultural mediation in place (China and Japan) to manage import/export trade activities.
  • Linguistic support: Chinese, Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.


Travelling Staff

Travelling solutions in China and Japan. In synergy with two specific agents we commit ourselves to programming work or pleasure trip that suit you, according to a personalized standard and accompany services of any kind.

For Further Information or request an appointment, please contact us Corsi - Master - Università

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