domenica 18 gennaio 2009

Asian Studies Group - The new website!

ASG is pleased to present the new Asian Studies Group's website! To get info and news or to be updated on our activity and programs, please go to

We're working hard to complete and improve our website's contents in italian, english, japanese and chinese!

Thanks for having supported our blogsites. From today you'll be able to request special account on AsianStudiesGroup.Net and take part to our e-learning's programs.

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Thanks and see you soon on the new website!

ASG è lieta di presentarvi il suo nuovo sito internet Asian Studies Group! Per ricvere informazioni e notizie o rimanere aggiornati sulla nostra attività e programmi, vi preghiamo di collegarvi al nuovo portale

Facciamo continuamente del nostro meglio per completare e aggiornare i contenuti del sito in italiano, inglese, giapponese e cinese.

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Grazie e arrivederci sul nostro nuovo sito

martedì 6 gennaio 2009

Tokyo Riders: the photo exhibition presented by Asian Studies Group

Asian Studies Group is pleased to introduce the first exhibition that will take place at the ASG's new cultural lab in Milan city centre.

From 23/01/2009 to 14/03/2009

The photo exhibition titled "Tokyo Riders, living in megalopolis - the perception of a new aesthetic" will include 20 original releases of Laura Liverani professional photographer has joined several artistic experieces in Eastern Asia, in particular in China, Hong Kong, and Japan.

The concept of the show is strictly related to the Association's project: the promotion and introduction of contemporary social scene on eastern asia countries, focusing the attention on those daily aspects that entirely realize a new and concrete aesthetic dimension.

That seems more true and interesting if we consider the cultural and aesthetic image of Japan as commonly is thought of from an international point of view. We're used to seeing picture of traditional Japan, or to representing japanese sense of beauty as geisha or misterious women while they're deep in a tea cerimony or ikebana.

In a different way, we'd want to take Tokyo as symbol of the cultural and social change still in progress in Japan and as clear revenge of the aestehetic need to evolve in a more concrete dimension.

The comprehension of real contemporary life is essential to partecipate in a more conscious way to the social and cultural dimension of the biggest megalopolis in the world. 


sounds, faces and images living in megalopolis - the perception of a new aesthetic"photo exhibition


MILAN 23/01/09 - 14/03/09

23 /01 from 7.00 pm: Private Opening with press reception and

aperitif (invitation required)

24/01 Opening Day, free access - 10.00 am - 07.00 pm

To reserve your free visit to the exhibition, please contact us



Multidisciplinary Association

Via Bartolomeo Eustachi 9

20129 Milan

MM1 Porta Venezia