martedì 29 luglio 2008

Bonsai Art: Crespi Cup 2008, international cultural event closer to Milan

Asian Studies Group, multidisciplinary association focused on language and inter-cultural mediation with eastern Asia is pleased to introduce Crespi Bonsai's international event for autumn 2008. 

Crespi Bonsai, leading company in Europe, organizes for the year 2008 the 8th 
International Bonsai and Suiseki Meetingfrom 12th to 21st September, an event already very expected. 
Conceived in 1995 by Crespi Bonsai has soon become an event of great importance in Europe, thanks to the wealth of its contents, quality and organization. 
For this occasion the Enthusiasts' Exhibition (amateurs' bonsai trees) is planned in the first week-end, from 12th to 14th September, while the exhibitions Crespi Bonsai Cup and Crespi Shohin Cup (professionals' and collectors' bonsai trees) will be held in the week-end from 19th to 21st September. From 12th to 21st September the following competitions will be planned: the competitionsCrespi Suiseki Cup, for all suiseki collectors, and theCrespi Pot Cup, dedicated to bonsai pot collectors and pot masters.
The meeting will welcome bonsai trees, suiseki and pots from very important European collections, asserting itself as a reference point for all those who join in the fascinating world of miniature trees and landscape stones.
Lessons, demonstrations, lectures on bonsai and suiseki (landscape stones)will offer to the visitor a direct contact with the nature and its elements, to establish with them a dynamic balance. 
Lesson of Japanese Cooking, by Michiko Murakami, a good opportunity for all the enthusiasts of a healthy but refined cooking; they will try the preparation and tasting of exquisite dishes and of the famous sushi.
Tasting of Sakèan alcoholic drink, typically Japanese, from the rice fermentation. 
Tea Ceremony, a simple but attractive ritual, to find “the peace in a cup of tea”.
Kimono Painting (Yuzen) and Chinese Calligraphy, between history and legend you can approach and try yourself these antique and fascinating Oriental arts.Workshops: Raku and Washi Paper, Japanese techniques for the working of clay and paper, which exalt the harmony in small things, the beauty of simplicity and naturalness of shapes. 
Introduction to Bonsai Art and Workshop of Origami for children.
Qi Gong and Tai Chi Ch'uan to regain your own life energy and tune in your own inner nature.
TuiNa, an important technique of the traditional Chinese medicine, to regain and maintain your own physical and psychical well-being. 
A path among meditation and bonsai, to find your own psychophysical harmony, between history and legend, to approach and try yourself the most attractive ancient Oriental arts.

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