domenica 30 marzo 2008

Our Group: Association and Professional Staff

We're italian APS (social promotion association) focused on professional aggregation projects for social and communication purposes with East Asia, in particular with China and Japan

We are also in cooperation with a Professional Network, including experts having high profiles on several different fields.

Beyond our no lucrative Social and Cultural Activity, we can arrange for our members in professional and personal way several services developed directly by our Specialist Network

For exemple

  • Didactic support on japanese and chinese languages
  • Professional training on east asia markets
  • Business strategy and mediation
  • Business travelling solutions
  • Legal and marketing consultations.
  • Insurance strategy and support for business projects in Asia.


We operate in Italy from the office in Milan and in Bologna. We are present in Tokyo and Osaka (Japan) and Shanghai (China) with an organized team.


- Chinese and Japanese courses for every level

- Promotion of the association in terms of social and cultural partnership

- Course and study tours abroad management through the support of qualified and bilingual staff in the studying place

- Support in the acquirement proceeding of the entry visa in both China and Japan

- Partnership with important schools of Chinese and Japanese languages in Asia.

- Language exchange and home stay programs.

- E-learning and on line tutoring for personalized learning of Chinese and Japanese languages


Managing Staff of Italian professionals graduated in Oriental languages and linguistic mediation for Oriental Asia

Executive partners mother tongue, Chinese and Japanese, resident in Italy and Asia, with academic and master formation, differentiate and preparatory to facilitate a multi-disciplinary service.

Travelling Support Staff: Italian, Chinese and Japanese people specialized in service of: tourism assistance, business travelling and study tours.

Consultation’s Staff: a series of technician and expert people cooperating with our reality to realize different specialistic services, from legal to business

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